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    Technical Assistance Panels ULI’s strength is in bringing together a diverse group of professionals in the private and public sectors to conduct a deeper level of research and education on complex land use issues to objectivity provide advice and recommendations to public agencies and charitable … Read More

  • YLG Spotlight

    Louisa Feletto, Associate, Planner, WHA, Inc. What is your current job and what types of projects are you working on now? As a planner at WHA, I focus primarily on infill development. These sites can usually range anywhere from 1 to 50 acres. My primary … Read More

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    With members in 95 countries worldwide, ULI represents the broad spectrum of disciplines in land use and real estate in the private and public sectors. ULI facilitates the exchange of ideas, information and experiences among its members who are local, national and international industry leaders and policy makers dedicated to improving the places we live. Read More

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    INVESTING IN ULI — BUILDS YOUR  BUSINESS. With over 900 individual members in the ULI Orange County/Inland Empire, representing all sectors of the land use planning/real estate development industry, no other nonprofit organization offers networking, delivers programming and delves into complex land use and real … Read More

ULI Orange County/Inland Empire What’s New?

TOD Tour Focuses on Best Practices and Lessons…


ULI Orange County/Inland Empire members started at ARTIC in Anaheim then trained/subwayed it up to LA to meet with Greg Angelo, Metro, and developers/designers of TOD sites at MacArthur Park and Hollywood and Vine, including Dan Falcon, Neal Payton, Ben Cien, and Tom Meredith. A … Read More

OCTA hosts Pedestrian Safety Workshop

OCTA pedestrian safetya

OCTA hosts Pedestrian Safety Workshop with Paul Zykofsky, head of Local Government Commission, sharing principles of community design and circulation. 

Tim Psomas at Infrastructure Initiative Council…


Tim Psomas on the subject of “Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System.”  Envision is a planning and design guide that creates public confidence in the process of civil infrastructure development.

Packed in at the Packing House

Shaheen Sadeghi, The LAB Holding, created new life in the historic Packing House in the Anaheim Colony District. In partnership with the City and Brookfield Residential, Sadeghi and partner Chris Bennett brought restaurants and jobs to the City but also layers of experiences. Great lessons learned by … Read More