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Furniture in Creative Office in the IE

Casey Craig

Casey Craig, Knoll Furniture, started her career as a “change agent” in creative office when she worked as executive assistant for Lew Horne at CBREs downtown LA office. She delved into several years of research in designing and activating creative spaces when CBRE’s headquarters were undergoing a revolutionary remodel.

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Construction in Creative Office in the IE

Robert Werbe

Robert Werbe, Novo Construction, shares best practices and lessons learned. His advice in designing and building creative office space: employees should work under and over soft space.

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Architecture in Creative Office in the IE

Ted Heisler

Ted Heisler, Ware Malcomb: “The focus is on an individual’s work space AND places to go for groups of employees to work together. Walls are the impediment. Technology will impact interior function and design.”

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Market Trends in CREATIVE OFFICE in the IE


Collaboration, creativity and community. New interior designs bring employees together. Harvesting natural light “brightens” the interior. Unique solutions to going paperless mean space is used for working not storing work.

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YLG Boardroom After Hours with Tom Phelps – Members Only – Professionals under 35

Tom Phelps Image

YLG Boardroom After Hours with Tom Phelps Thomas D. Phelps Partner Financial Services and Banking MANATT, PHELPS & PHILLIPS, LLP Thomas Phelps is a renowned banking attorney who has worked with scores of financial institutions throughout the country. As a founding partner in the firm, he boasts a long and distinguished career serving banking, thrift and non-bank financial institutions. He is active in banking industry groups, including the California Bankers Association, where he previously served on the State Government Relations Committee and the Federal Government Relations Committee. Mr. Phelps has … Read More

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Office of the Future $35 Today Only

Oct ie flyer Rollback price

Learn From Pioneers of Creative Office! ULI is proud to present an opportunity to learn from the pioneers of creative office space. Design, construction, furniture, brokerage and workplace strategy teams from industry leading companies will be providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn about today’s creative office. Topics in this interactive session will include: how creative office effects the office market, trends in creative office and tomorrows creative office, to name a few… CLICK HERE

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Brooklyn Army Terminal


Phyllis Alzamora, ULI OC/IE, leads ULI members on a tour of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, where Elvis Presley shipped out to Germany. The EDC owns the building and it bringing manufacturing back to the Brooklyn waterfront. The group tour the Jacques Torres Chocolate factory. Yum!

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Congratulations to the District Council!

Blog NY Fall Mtg738

ULI acknowledged the Orange County/Inland Empire District Council for “Ten Years of Impact.” (L to R) Marilee Utter, ULI; Randy Jackson, PlaceWorks; Phyllis Alzamora, ULI OC/IE; and Mike Ruane, CalOptima, are at the Fall Meeting to bask in the glow of the members who worked on the Laguna Niguel TAP in 2005, which resulted in the award-winning Gateway Specific Plan. Thank you to those members who served on the District Council’s first Technical Assistance Panel. Congratulations to the District Council!

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The Triangle’s Turning Point

Wil SMith Oct 8 2014

Wil Smith of Greenlaw Partners at ULI Orange County/Inland Empire Capital Markets Initiative Council meeting on October 8th. Wil tells how Greenlaw and two institutional real estate equity firms bought the property at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard, Newport Boulevard and 19th Street and have shifted the focus from retail to entertainment and restaurants. “This is the Triangle’s turning point!”

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Brainstorming Goals

Braintstorming oct14 2014

Victor Van Zandt, Irvine Campus Housing Authority, and Ma’Ayn Johnson, SCAG, members of the ULI OC/IE Sustainable Communities Initiative Council, participate in a brainstorming session. The SCIC members, led by Vice Chair Kurt Buxton, ValleyCrest Design, set two-year goals that focus on creating economically-viable, sustainable communities in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

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