Reality Check 2.0

Reality Check 2.0

Understanding Demand and Market Forces
Creating Resilient Communities
Promoting Intelligent Design in Orange County, California

The ULI Orange County/Inland Empire won an Urban Innovation Grant in 2013 from the ULI Foundation to fund a community outreach project designed to highlight a trend that is impacting the economic prosperity of Orange County and the future of land use planning and real estate development. According to the 2012 OC Community Indicators Report, Orange County’s population is aging at a faster rate than the State of California and the USA. The globally coveted demographic, 18- to 35-year-olds, is being driven out of Orange County due to limited access to entry level creative professional jobs, which in turn affects their contributions to the local housing and transportation economies. A committee of ULI members volunteered their time to conduct research, interview young professionals who moved out of Orange County, and create a crowdsourcing website to measure feedback. The insights detailed in this report build a strong case for land use planning and real estate development that will meet the economic development and quality-of-life needs sought by this age group.

This project was made possible through the generous financial support of the ULI Foundation with an Urban Innovation Grant and the ULI Orange County/Inland Empire.

ULI Orange County/Inland Empire also wishes to acknowledge the following ULI members for their support:
Bryce Bunker
Daniel Chambers
Calvin Chan
Jane DeLorenzo, Project Manager & Report Writer
Jason Ficht
Richard Flierl
Christine Geronaga, Report Design
J. Donald Henry
Liz Hergott, Lunch Box Video
Amber Heredia
Simon Hibbert
Joel Rosen
R. Matthew Shannon
Rocky Shen
Christine Song
Manuel Trujillo
Sheri Vander Dussen
Suzie Won-Speizer, SottoVoce PR