YLG Pro Bono TAP

The Pro Bono Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) brings together a panel of ULI Associate members under 35 with expertise in planning, development and redevelopment of land and the ownership, management and financing of real property, specifically related to the designated study area for a charitable organization.

2016-17 Co-Chairs:
Dima Galkin, RSG, Inc.
Mike West, Inland West

2016-17 TAP Sponsor:
Lewis Group of Companies

YLG Pro Bono TAP

Thank you to the Lewis Group of Companies for their ongoing sponsorship of the Young Leaders Pro Bono Technical Assistance Panel (TAP).

Dima Galkin, RSG, Inc., and Mike West, Inland West, co-chairs of the TAP, selected Moses House in Victorville for the 2016 YLG Pro Bono TAP.

Moses House is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive, long-term services to young, single mothers. ULI Members under 35 years old, representing various sectors of the development industry, will work together and with stakeholders to conduct research, analysis, and make recommendations that will guide relocation of an existing thrift store and potential future development of a vacant site.

The ULI seeks qualified volunteers to participate on the panel. Panelists will be required to attend a kickoff meeting on November 18th and participate in a daylong synthesis session in late February or March (exact date TBD and can be scheduled to accommodate panelist availability). Working together on their own time, panelists will conduct research and analysis on this project.

Special acknowledgement also goes out to Guillermo Aguilar, Aguilar Architects, who is acting as TAP Advisor.

For more information on how you can get involved with the YLG Pro Bono TAP, contact

Solving Complex Land Use/Real Estate Issues for Charity

ULI has been providing advisory services since 1947, so our members know this process well, and it works! Unlike the TAPs that the District Council conducts for public agencies, where a fee is paid to cover the administrative costs of the TAP, the YLG TAP is for charitable organizations and the administrative services are provided pro bono by the District Council.

In 2007, the ULI Orange County/Inland Empire Young Leaders Group organized the first-ever Pro Bono TAP comprised of members under 35, who collectively had varied and broad experience and knowledge applicable to a particular challenging land use issue. The Pro Bono TAP was born out of our members’ desire to get the ULI more involved in charitable organizations. The first Pro Bono TAP was conducted for the Advocates for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AADD). AADD was looking for help with finding alternative solutions to the City of Irvine’s affordable housing deficiency for the developmentally disabled.

Over the past nine years, the YLG Committee has conducted eight Pro Bono TAPs for organizations. Other organizations receiving these pro bono advisory services include United Cerebral Palsy, the Green Works Urban Academy, the Orange County Children’s Theatrical ARTS Center, Guide Dogs of the Desert, the Orange County Rescue Mission, and Habitat for Humanity.  In 2014, the TAP was for ShareKitchen, a food innovation hub located in the City of Coachella that is supported by the Clinton Health Foundation.

In 2011, the ULI Foundation supported the Guide Dogs of the Desert Pro Bono TAP with a grant. See the story about GDD featured in the March/April 2012 Urban Land magazine on the “Back Page.”

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