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Henry Cisneros at OC Housing Summit

Henry Cisneros addresses attendees at the OC Housing Summit to a record crowd of over 200 people.  He has a genuine and passionate concern for advancing the cause of making homes matter for everyone.

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Ray Pearl mentions Inclusionary Zoning Bill at OC Housing Summit

Ray Pearl, California Housing Consortium, addresses State housing policy at the OC Housing Summit and mentions Inclusionary Zoning bill pending in Legislature as a solution for building affordable housing, should cities choose to use it. ULI research has long maintained that IZ is a policy that can work in some jurisdictions.

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Adaptive Re-Use at Park Place, Irvine

Eric Brown, LBA Realty, leads ULI on a tour of the new Park Place, Irvine. The thought and execution of reuse on the old Flour Corp. site resulted in a “campus-like” setting that attracted companies like LA Fitness, now headquartered there. This event was organized by the Places of Commerce Council.

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