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Mentor Group Visits 200 Spectrum

Robert Glessner’s mentorship group didn’t let the rainy weather get in the way of their successful and educational tour at 200 Spectrum.  (And, we can’t complain about the rain, since it is so badly needed.) The construction tour, led by Jeremy Hilger of Hathaway Dinwiddie, included a behind the scenes education of roof top engineering & facility systems, fire codes, structural roof top load designs for coolers and helipads, building infrastructure coordination, glazing installation and staged development phases. Even in the rain, Glessner and his protégés had a good time with … Read More

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Recognizing New ULI Members

The Membership Task Force randomly selected two names from the list of 15 new members, who joined in May, to receive a copy of ULI’s new publication, Urban Real Estate Investment – A New Era of Opportunity, by Henry Cisneros. The lucky members are:  Paul Liebermann, Donahue Schriber and Liang Wu, Anchor Real Estate Capital.   Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who wrote the forward in the book, personally autographed their books. Join by June 30 and get $25 off your dues and get a chance to win an Apple Watch!  Help us … Read More

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G(r)o(w) Riverside!

The City of Riverside is hosting an original idea for a community-building conference called, “Grow Riverside.”  Two hundred people are in the audience, mostly healthcare providers, educators and farmers, with a few restauranteurs and food hub operators. Nearly everybody is a gardener or a “wanna-be” gardener. The buzz is about independence, individualism, problem-saving, collaboration, and honoring everybody in the community to achieve a balance.  It’s not all bees and butterflies, these are business people, too, and the City is looking at this industry as an economic development engine. G(r)o(w) Riverside! … Read More

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Protégés and New Urbanism

Protégés from eight ULI mentorship groups attended a presentation with Matt Shannon, Urbanus LLC.  Shannon, who is an active ULI member, also serves on the Congress for New Urbanism California Chapter Board.  Jeff Mayer, Bassenian/Lagoni, is a Mentor, this year, and organized the opportunity to meet a strong advocate for creating walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier communities.  Twenty-four Young Leaders in the 2015 ULI Mentorship Program attended.  There are 64 protégés and 16 mentors in this year’s program, making 2015 one of the largest Mentorship Programs, since the program started in 2007.  ULI … Read More

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YLG Spotlight Jake Vollebregt

How did you find your way into the industry?  After four years as a judge advocate in the Marine Corps, I wanted to join the reserve and pursue private practice. I was familiar with Best Best & Krieger’s reputation in public law from attending law school near my home in Orange County. Joining the municipal practice group has been a perfect opportunity to pursue my interests in land use and public policy. Read More

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