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The Impact of Government Regulation and the Fed on CRE

The Impact of Government Regulation and the Fed on Commercial Real Estate For the first time since 2006, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points.  This means the target for short term interest rates is now 0.25%-0.50%, this increase will lead debt providers to also increase their rates. The effect of this rate increase on commercial real estate was a hot topic at this quarter’s Capital Markets Initiative Council meeting. Equity providers stated they have been and are continuing to underwrite deals assuming rates continue to rise. … Read More

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Placemaking on a Budget

Small cities, nestled in a sprawling metropolitan region, like Southern California, are looking for ways, today, to create authentic, meaningful and safe public places for residents to gather.   In the land use planning vernacular, the real estate industry calls this “Placemaking.”  A public agency doesn’t have to have a rich Public Works or Parks and Recreation budget to improve places that are considered in their downtown or other neighborhoods in the community.  It simply takes action by connecting people and place. Al Zelinka, Assistant City Manager, City of Riverside and … Read More

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Member Engagement & Networking Event

The ULI Membership Committee hosted a Member Engagement & Networking Event for members looking to get involved. The program kicked off with a lively networking session at the beautiful new KTGY office and was followed by a brief and informative overview on all the opportunities for involvement with ULI Orange County/Inland Empire. Testimonials were heard from members of the Infrastructure Technology, Multi-Housing and Office & Commercial Initiative Councils, the Young Leaders Group and the Membership Committee, and all attendees had the opportunity to sign-up to learn more about the committees … Read More

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A Tale of Two Counties: Orange County Yesterday, Orange County Tomorrow

“Orange County’s well-educated workforce talent has greatly contributed to economic growth and job creation…” “Orange County has one of the highest annual incomes in Southern California…” “Orange County’s educational system is a bright spot.” These are excerpts from the 6th Annual Southern California Economic Update. One might ask, if things are going so well for Orange County, “Why do ‘we’ need to be part of a conversation about implementing a strategic plan that addresses Southern California’s economic prosperity?” The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) has released the DRAFT 2016 … Read More

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“The Other Barrio” – Special Screening by Arts OC

The Frida Cinema in association with Arts Orange County is presenting a special screening of “The Other Barrio”  on Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24 at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana. “The Other Barrio” is described as a 2015 neo-film noir and follows San Francisco housing inspector Bob Morales as he investigates the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire in a residential hotel in San Francisco’s Latino Mission District. This film addresses issues around gentrification and displacement of low-income communities. Following the Saturday screening will be a panel discussion … Read More

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The ULI lecture series on Leaders in Planned Communities, Residential Design & Urban Infill, recently welcomed Greg McGuff, Regional President of Lennar Corporation.  Greg candidly shared his lessons learned from 21 years of experience with Lennar in the homebuilding industry and his perspective on the future.  Greg also described the eclectic career path that led him to homebuilding.  The ULI lecture series, co-hosted by Martin & Associates, is an eight-week program featuring the most effective leaders in the homebuilding industry. Greg McGuff is an example of how embracing different career … Read More

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Who Deserves a ULI Award?

The ULI has four prestigious Awards Programs, honoring work in the private and public sectors:   1) Global Excellence, 2) Open Space, 3) Affordable and Workforce Housing and 4) Housing Policy.  Applications are due January 22, 2016.  Winners are announced at the 2016 Spring Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Let’s get OC and the IE in the winner’s circle! Please consider applying for an award, this year. Or, please forward the Award information to someone you know in OC or the IE, who should be acknowledged. Or, please let the ULI OC/IE … Read More

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