Management Committee

Randal Jackson, Chair
Denise Ashton, co-Assistant Chair and Vice Chair of Education
David Kim, Treasurer
Eric Higuchi, Vice Chair of Outreach
Jessica Candaele, Vice Chair of Membership
John Williams, co-Assistant Chair and Vice Chair of Sponsorship
Louisa Feletto, Assistant Vice Chair, YLG Committee
Kendra Chandler, Executive Director

Management Committee

Randal W. Jackson, PlaceWorks, the Chair of the ULI Orange County/Inland Empire, has appointed ULI members who will focus on a new direction for a new cadre of real estate professional, one that is grounded in ULI’s history as the go-to research and educational organization in the region.

Members of the ULI OC/IE Management Committee are required to be Full Members of the ULI.

The Management Committee serves as the local administrative and operational oversight body for the District Council. Volunteer positions are held by leading OC/IE real estate and land use professionals, who help build a strong presence of ULI in the region.  The Management Committee roles are as follows:

  1. Chair:  Leads the District Council Management Committee.
  2. Assistant Chair:  Provides guidance to the Management Committee, around the character, culture, practices and policies of ULI, protecting and enhancing the ULI brand.
  3. Treasurer:  Reviews annual budget and monthly/quarterly financials.  Treasurer has signature authority up to $25,000.
  4. Vice Chair, Membership:  Tracks monthly membership reports.  Creates strategy to achieve Chair’s annual District Council membership goal.
  5. Vice Chair, Education:  Ensures Initiative Councils’ quarterly meetings are conducted.  Ensures the Councils’ foci are on issues that further the ULI mission.  Tracks resources to manage Initiative Councils.
  6. Vice Chair, Outreach: Ensures monthly General Education Programs and/or Annual Initiative Council Programs meet or exceed attendance and financial targets as well as focus on key initiatives that further the ULI mission.
  7. Vice Chair, Sponsorship:  Leads effort to achieve District Council’s Annual Sponsorship goal.
  8. Assistant Vice Chair, YLG Committee: Ensures YLG meetings and programs are conducted and YLG programs are focused on issues that further the ULI mission, tracks resources needed to manage YLG activities.