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ULI is our members. Unique among professional membership organizations, ULI brings together people in every profession and sector in real estate development and land use, from all over the world, and in every career stage, from rising star to world-renowned luminary. Through ULI, members network, share knowledge, further their careers, and give back to their profession and communities around the world.

Become a ULI Member today to receive discounts at local and national events;  you’ll also be eligible to participate on local committees, initiatives, and local Initiative Councils.


Connecting with People
Establishing partnerships and creating networks. At ULI, you will find unparalleled networking opportunities and the right mix of professionals to share experiences with while building relationships with new clients and partners. The member network includes the most influential leaders and decision makers in every sector of the real estate industry—residential, office, retail, industrial, resort—working in every aspect of land use, including developers, investors, brokers, lenders, architects, engineers, planners, and public officials.

Sharing Knowledge
Gaining an education from the experience of experts. At the heart of ULI has been a culture of members sharing, peer to peer, best practices and lessons learned, through both practical professional development education programs and ULI’s research and publications on best practices. For decades, ULI has set the standard for high-quality information on real estate development and land use.

Thinking Big, Thinking Ahead
Tapping into emerging trends. A think tank for real estate development and land use topics, ULI explores the leading edge of issues critical to making cities more livable and sustainable. ULI conducts research, analyzes studies, and convenes a mix of leaders to discuss multiple points of view on topics related to urbanization, conservation, regeneration, land use capital formation, and sustainable development.

Building Better Communities
Giving back for the greater good. ULI provides a venue for members to give back to their communities and create better places to live, work, and play.  As a ULI member, you have an opportunity to contribute to a greater good. With other members, you can have an impact and make a difference. Improve your projects to benefit the community and the environment, contribute your time and expertise to communities in need, and influence the work of others by sharing your experiences.

To learn more about the many benefits of ULI membership, including access to our 40,000 member database, up to $30 discounts on all ULI events, access to exclusive, members-only programming, eligibility to participate in one of our Committees or Local Product Council Program and a complimentary subscription to Urban Land Magazine, download our ULI Membership Brochure and our ULI Membership Application to learn more about our different membership types.

Individual Membership

Associate Membership: The most popular ULI membership, open to all. Discounts are available for those under 35, or working in the government, nonprofit, or university sectors, students, and current members that are retired(70+ age and 10+ years ULI membership).

Full Membership: Full membership is selective and by invitation. Applicants must provide professional references from three other Full Members from different firms and a written biography. This membership type is not available to students. Discounts are available for those under 35, or working in the government, nonprofit, or university sectors, and retired members (70+ age and 10+ years ULI membership).


Associate Member – $440 annually
Open to all
Under 35, academic, nonprofit, or government official – 50% discount ($220)
Student or retired (age 70+ and 10+ years of ULI membership) – 75% discount ($110)

Full Member – $1,220 annually
Selective and by invitation
Under 35 – 50% discount ($600)
Academic, nonprofit, government official, or retired (age 70+ and 10+ years of ULI membership) – 75% discount ($300)