Being a Full Member

Full Membership is selective and each prospective member must supply a personal biography and the names of three active Full Members, who are willing to serve as a sponsor during the application process. Associate, Associate Under 35 and Student Memberships are open to professionals in the land use planning and real estate development industry. Go to ULI.ORG to get more information or join online.

Being a Full Member

ULI has several membership levels and categories.  Levels are Full, Associate and Associate Under 35.  Categories are Private, Public, Academia, Student and Retired.

Are You Ready?  Which level is appropriate for you?  If you are interested in applying for Full Membership, you should answer the following questions:

    1. Do you hold a senior management position in your organization/with your employer?
    2. Are you committed to getting more involved in ULI?
    3. Do you know how to network and how to do outreach in a national/international organization?
    4. Who do you know? Who is involved with the aspect of ULI you choose to apply for?
  • If you are not the boss, does your boss fully support your involvement in the ULI? (Letters of support from your boss are required with a Full Member application.)

What is Your Passion?

All opportunities for involvement as a Full Member are based on an application and vetting process at the national level. You are encouraged to reach out to a senior District Council member, who is or has been involved in one or more of these areas and seek advice on the process.  *If a name or committee is not designated below, please go to or contact the District Council office, for more information.

  1. Apply to get on a Product Council (go to the ULI.ORG website under Councils)
  2. Serve on an Advisory Services Panel (contact John Shumway, Michael Reynolds or Andrew Watkins)
  3. Serve on the ULI Programs Committee for the Fall and Spring Meetings
  4. Serve as a Juror for one of the following Awards Programs:
    1. Global Awards of Excellence (contact Jeff Mayer)
    2. Urban Open Space Awards
    3. Hines Award Competition
    4. Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Awards
    5. Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Award
  5. Serve on the Building Healthy Places Advisory Board
  6. Serve on the Larson Leadership Advisory Board
  7. Get involved in the Terwilliger Center for Housing or the Rose Center for Public Leadership
  8. Become a Governor of the ULI Foundation (contact Randal Jackson, Mike Hayde or Jeff Stack)
  9. Get involved in ULI NEXT Global (contact Jessica Candaele or Daniel Hsu)
  10. Get involved in the Women’s Leadership Initiative
  11. Serve on the Advisory Board for the Center for Sustainability
  12. Join the Greenprint Center for Building Performance

Last, but not least, the most obvious way that is equally rewarding you can get involved as a Full Member is to serve in a leadership capacity in a District Council.

  1. Serve on a District Council Advisory Board or Management Committee (contact the ULI OC/IE Governance Committee)