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ULI understands that the quest for community and identity

ULI understands that the quest for community and identity fosters an increasing concern for the quality of the public realm and urban design that creates place. Inspired community design stands the test of time and retains its value through generations, thus making place and the quality of the public realm of significant and continuous concern.

The Placemaking Initiative Council has been exploring these issues surrounding quality places, including the intrinsic nature of what makes a great place, what cultural aspects of daily life inform place, how does authenticity and artfullness play a part in the formation of vibrancy of place and how can the revitalization of existing centers begin to re-knit the fabric of the community?

Leading the efforts of the Placemaking Council over the past five years that culminated in winning a $25,000 ULI Urban Innovation Grant, Rich Flierl, Katalyst Inc., is stepping down as of Oct. 1, 2013.  Flierl and several members from the Council will be focusing their efforts on the OC Metropolitan Plan of 2035.  Other members of this Council will continue working on www.MyPlaceOC.com (the grant project) thru December 2013.

Flierl is commended for his passionate leadership and creating a true “Initiative” embarked on by the Council.

A new Vice Chair will be appointed with a new direction to be established around Placemaking for the District Council.

For more information, please contact the ULI OC/IE office.

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