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What Goes Into ULI Event Planning?

ULI Member Josh Cox, Hillwood Development, met up with Kendra Chandler, Director, and Katie Holst, Senior Associate, ULI Orange County/Inland Empire, to scout out a place to hold the May 19th ULI program at the former Rialto Municipal Airport.  So, how do you find a site on 1,500 acres to park attendees’ cars, seat 75-100 people, bring in A/V, set-up chairs and a “Porta Potty?

Well, ULI program planning starts with members like Cox, and Joe Cesta, CBRE, who serves as the Vice Chair of the ULI-Inland Empire Committee. They have their ears to the ground just doing what they do daily, plus they are active in NAIOP-IE, so they reach out to other professionals in the region to see “what the topics are hot.”

For the IE Spring Program, it was a no-brainer to focus on a future $1.5 billion horizontal mixed-use investment, a public-private partnership with the City of Rialto, Lewis Community Developers, and Hillwood-A Perot Company, and a vision called, “Renaissance.”

When ULI members pick a winning topic to discuss, confirming the speakers with ULI Orange County/Inland Empire ‘s calendar seems to happen without a hitch.  Of course, professionals expect a high-quality program with speakers, who will share (up to and almost including proprietary information) the challenges in this region with a project of this nature.  The “open kimono” characteristic of ULI meetings means professionals get real educational value from their investment in the registration fee and the time away from the office (and, you can hold us to that!).

ULI programs are organized by ULI members, and ULI is the only organization in the world that represents the full spectrum of professionals in the land use planning and real estate development industry. The Institute is not a lobbying organization nor a marketing association.

To register for the May 19th Event at the former Rialto Municipal Airport, click here:  http://orangecounty.uli.org/event/inland-empire-spring-program-rialto-airport-redevelopment/ 

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