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Take 5 from Boardroom After Hours with Thomas Sherlock of Talonvest Capital

Purpose: The purpose of “Take 5 from the YLG” is to share 5 relevant take-always that were obtained by young leaders who attended a ULI program.

ULI Event: The YLG produced Boardroom After Hours with Tom Sherlock (Co-Founding Principal of Talonvest Capital):

1) Be a student of the game. Do what you say you’re going to do. Work hard. (Thank you, Bill Halford, Pat Donahue, and Phil Belling.)
2) Price risk to establish rewards. (And have fun doing it.)
3) We’re accelerating quickly through this cycle.
4) Get out of your comfort zone; things don’t change rapidly unless you do.
5) Focus on differentiating yourself. Become interesting and be memorable!
BONUS Life Advice – Strategically spread out the ages of your kids.

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