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“Take 5 from the YLG” Boardroom Afterhours With Kerry Vandell


Purpose: The purpose of “Take 5 from the YLG” is to share 5 relevant take-always that were obtained by a young leader who attended a ULI program.

ULI Event: The YLG produced Boardroom afterhours with Kerry Vandell

1.         Although the economy is recovering slowly, uncertainty – in large part from        Washington DC – is hindering capital formation and investment which is dampening the real estate market and employment growth.

2.          A current business trend is consolidation of firms in all sectors and the creation of new start-ups.

3.         Orange County is a great place to be for real estate.  In fact, if you throw a rock randomly in Orange County, you’re bound to hit a real estate person.

4.        Health care expenditures are increasing making this sector is a growth area going forward.

5.        Be prepared to go short at the right time.  Keep your own counsel and do your own thinking.  Don’t follow the herd, but see the second wave.

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