ULI in Action

Members volunteer their time to solve complex land use, development and redevelopment issues to help make our communities better places. They address get involved at the local level to help influence policy and practice. Community outreach and development programs enable ULI leaders to identify challenges, highlight best practices, and develop new solutions that improve land use patterns.

ULI in Action

ULI in Action is about members collaborating with each other, with public agencies, and with stakeholders to improve communities by implementing consensus-based solutions.  ULI focuses on best practices and lessons learned through education and research at the international, national and local levels.

If you are interested in getting involved with an education and research project at the local level, there are myriad ways created by and for members:

  • Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) – A TAP provides strategic advice to sponsors on complex land use and real estate development issues. The District Council has completed over 30 TAPs for public agencies in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, to date.  ULI has been providing advisory services since 1947, so our members know this process well, and it works! Unlike the TAPs that the District Council conducts for public agencies, where a fee is paid to cover the administrative costs of the TAP, the Young Leaders Group also conducts a TAP for a charitable organization each year and these services are provided pro bono by the District Council.
  • UrbanPlan – Simulating land use planning and real estate development, UrbanPlan is an educational tool whereby teams of students work together to redevelop an urban infill site based on a real-world scenario.  UrbanPlan provides great practical and tactical experience for students of urban planning, real estate development, geography, finance and economics.
  • Mentorship Program – Leadership is a priority initiative for ULI; identifying and developing the next level of leaders in the land use planning and real estate development.  Established in 2008, more than half of the ULI OC/IE membership has been involved in the Mentorship Program.

For more information on these activities and programs, please contact ULI Orange County/Inland Empire’s Executive Director, Kendra Chandler  at kendra.chandler@uli.org.