ULI members volunteer their time to address complex and challenging land use issues and give back to the community.

Reports for the most recent studies, conducted by ULI Members, are posted below.


Technical Assistance Panels

ULI’s strength is in bringing together a diverse group of professionals in the private and public sectors to conduct a deeper level of research and education on complex land use issues to objectivity provide advice and recommendations to public agencies and charitable organizations.

ULI’s Advisory Services Program

Since 1947, on a national basis, the Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Program has been assisting communities by bringing together nationally-recognized real estate, planning, infrastructure, public sector, finance and development experts, among others, to provide unbiased pragmatic advice for addressing complex land use opportunities and challenges.

ULI Orange County organizes Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) comprised of local ULI members, who collectively have varied and broad experience and knowledge applicable to particular problems to be considered. Panelists have experience in the planning, development and redevelopment of land and the ownership, management and financing of real property, specifically related to the designated study area. TAP panelists are screened to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Panels are organized as one-day or two-day projects, depending on the complexity of the scope of work. Panels consist of 4-8 specialists, who are ULI members volunteering their time to provide this community outreach service to help make our communities a better place. ULI panels focus on neighborhood revitalization, smart growth, and asset management, to name a few. It is a joint effort between ULI and the organization that produces an implementation strategy that is based on sound information, community realities, and best practices so that the community gets the best possible result.

*If you have relevant expertise and would like to be involved in a TAP, please contact ULI Orange County/Inland Empire by email at orangecounty@uli.org