YLG Programs

YLP Programming Co-Chairs:
Cooper Dodd, JP Morgan
Marni-Lyn Fox, Ledcor
Katie Nilmeier, LPA
Danielle Reppen, Brookfield

YLG Programs

YLG Programs are uniquely crafted to connect seasoned real estate professionals with the young leaders of today and tomorrow! These once a month gatherings offer consistent and efficient opportunities for young leaders to mingle with old friends, make new business relationships, preview new and upcoming projects and interact with senior leaders within the industry.

The programs rotate between several different formats. At the boardroom after hours events, a senior industry leader sits down with a small group for a candid discussion on their success, failures and how they got to where they are today. Alternatively, the group may tour a new or upcoming project and hear from a key contact on that project.

Other times the programs will take the format of a workshop where a panel of Young Leaders provide their peers an introductory presentation on a topic in which they have expertise. Workshops cater to Young Leaders who have no expertise in the specific topic, however, individuals who do have relevant experience are still encouraged to attend to exchange ideas with the panelists and provide additional insight.

Each program is a distinctive conversation and experience but all share the common take-away of leaving the attendee inspired and challenged by peer and mentor alike.