2014 UrbanPlan Students
2014 Judges and Facilitators

Urban Plan

Students work in teams to develop a response to a “request for proposals” for redevelopment of a blighted site in a hypothetical community. Each team member assumes one of five roles: finance director, marketing director, city liaison, neighborhood liaison, or site planner. Students develop a visceral understanding of the various market and nonmarket forces and stakeholders in the development process. They must reconcile the often-competing agendas to create a well-designed, market-responsive, and sustainable project. Members volunteer as facilitators and judges during the four-week program.

Urban Plan

UrbanPlan is an exciting educational initiative of the ULI developed in partnership with the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (FCREUE) at the University of California at Berkeley, land use professionals, and a team of high school economics teachers. The Mission of UrbanPlan is to create a more sophisticated level of discourse among local stakeholders involved in land use decisions through education of tomorrow’s voters, neighbors, community leaders, public officials, and land use professionals so, together, we can create better communities.

ULI Orange County/Inland Empire members bring UrbanPlan to the University of California at Irvine in the Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning Program.

If you are interested in getting involved in UrbanPlan, contact the District Council office.